Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elegy: The End of a Friend

This is a piece that was written, kneeling upon the grave of the person being addressed. A person who was once a friend. The only person who I thought of as a kindred spirit. I watched him commit suicide whilst trying to coax me into doing the same. I denied his dying wish and disappeared for many years. But today I returned.

Elegy: The End of a Friend

Shades of Scarlet upon this day
Such fitting attire, don't you say?
Rather than mourning and lament
I arrive with malicious intent

We were birds of a feather, hearts decayed
Yet torn apart by the lash of a blade
Drenched in your blood, Overflowing with tears
Your sick smile has been haunting me for years

"All the pain is bleeding away"
I cannot believe you chose that way
"Please don't leave me to die alone"
On that day, you left me on my own

Or so I thought, but you never did leave
For I betrayed you and refused to grieve
Now you are the demon upon my chest
haunting me from beyond due to unrest

Today it ends
I make no amends
By the Edge of my soul
To hell with you. No parole

No longer shall I be your slave
For on this day, I defile your grave

I finished this some time ago, but completely forgot to publish. Raphael's manifesto is complete and you can read it now!

Direct link to part 3
Vampires Manifesto page (to pick between the 3 parts)

Thank you for reading!

I plan to do much more with the character Raphael. I've already drafted a lot more stories. I'm putting them on hold to work on something else that I've put off, but here are some titles and mini summaries to let you know what's brewing in my mind.

Pre-Manifesto sotires:
- Alice: The events directly leading to the vampire's manifesto.
- Blood Junkies: Vampires drugging humans for their entertainment.
- Vampireich: David Levi AKA Raphael Cortez's time in the Dachau Concentration camp.
- The Reject war/ The Great Coagulation: The war between Vampires and Rejects
- Hollow Be Thy Name: A story about the reject vampires called Hollows (zombies)
- Feral Fright: Story about the rejet vampires called Ferals (Werewolves)
- Celeste: The romance between Celeste, the first second generation vampire, and Raphael.
- Cain's Bane: The fight between Raphael and Cain in 1999
- The shattered Trinity: The Vampire wars.
- Sangelus Mass: The last surviving vampires congregate in an old church
- Terror: Raphael's time in the middle east.
- Blood Brush: Raphael makes use of blood in his art. Painting, sculpting, and the Vampire Creation Ballet.

Post-manifesto Stories:
- The Poe Toaster: Raphael visits the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. His first public appearance as a vampire.
- Slayer: Raphael is stalked by a human claiming to be a Vampire slayer. He plays along.
- The Hemophiliac: Raphael encounters another vampire. A child.

My newest writing is now up on the web. It is my short story, "The Vampire's Manifesto" Part 2. The first part was already up for a while and received well by a few of my friends, so here is part two.

Link to pick between part 1 & 2
Direct link to part 2

Raphael Cortez is a vampire who speaks out about what he is, hoping that he could be taken seriously in todays world, where vampires are accepted as popular fiction. For personal reasons, he threatens to come out into the open. This is his way of dismissing myths, and educating the reader of what true Vampires are.

In part two, he describes "true Vampires" basically my personal rendition of the vampire myth. Here is an excerpt that I found amusing.

"And I shall say one final thing about appearances and such. Contrary to a popular new franchise, which spawned new popularity for vampire fiction, I say to you…. I do not, I repeat. I do not sparkle. If such creatures existed, I would tear them asunder for tainting the name of my kind."
Part 3 will be coming soon. It is a brief timeline of vampire and what he plans on doing, following publication of his writing. It will be the final one, but the manifesto is sort of a base for future vampire writings of mine that may come in the future.

I thank any and all readers, and hope it was an enjoyable read for you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

So It Begins...

Hey there, and welcome to my newly erected blog! I'm writing to no one but myself for now, but maybe I'll get lucky and attract a few readers someday. If someone notices any problems with my blog's layout, let me know so I can fix it. This is my first time working with the blogger interface.

So, what is this blog for? The answer: Anything I damn well please. From personal reflection, to rants and raves, to showcasing my writings and designs... Heck, maybe I'll even do some reviews on things such as movies, albums, products, etc! Points of view on current events could also go up on here, from entertainment to political.

I will label my blog posts with recurring labels. maybe something like **Movie Review** or **Short Story**... I'll figure that out when the time comes. But THose will be used to easily navigate through blog posts.

Well... Thats all for now!